Spice Form – Simple Form for Incorporating Company

Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically commonly known as SPICe is a form through which an application for incorporation of a Company can be done.

Forms to be filed :

Under SPICe for Company Incorporation- (INC 32) SPICE with (INC 33) e-MOA and (INC 34) e-AOA.

Key Deliverables of Spice:

Through the Spice E-form the application for the following can be done under a single window:

  1. Name application if not applied through RUN.
  2. Application for allotment of Director Identification Number up to three Directors
  3. PAN application for the Company
  4. TAN application for the Company
  5. Certificate of Incorporation

The process of filing Spice E-Form is as under:

1. The Form can be downloaded from the MCA portal www.mca.gov.in.

2. Following is the list of details that are required to be provided in the E-form:

  1. Whether the name is already approved by Registrar of Companies (Yes/No)- if selected yes then SRN of RUN form for name approval is required to be filled.
  2. State the type of company (Section 8 Company/Producer Company/New Company)
  3. Mention the class of company (Private/Public/One Person Company)
  4. Select the category of the company (Company Limited by shares/Company Limited by the guarantee/Unlimited Company)
  5. Choose the sub-category of the company(Union Government Company/State Government Company/Non-government Company/Subsidiary of a company incorporated outside/Guarantee and associated company)
  6. Whether the proposed company is an IFSC company (Yes/No)
  7. Company is having share capital/not having a share capital
  8. The main division of industrial activity of the company 
  9. Whether Articles of Association is entrenched (Yes/No)
  10. Correspondence address with Pin code
  11. Whether the address for correspondence is the address of the registered office of the company (Yes/No), if selected no then the address of the registered office to be provided.
  12. Name of the office of the Registrar of Companies in which the proposed company is to be registered.
  13. A number of the first subscriber(s) to MOA and directors of the company having DIN and not having DIN.
  14. Particulars of payment of stamp duty
  15. Additional Information for applying Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) Information specific to PAN

The attachment to Spice Form:

  1. Declaration by the first subscriber(s) and director(s)
  2. A document evidencing the registered office with no objection certificate and rent receipt from the owner.
  3. Proof of subscribers to the memorandum (PAN card copy, identity proof, and residential proof)
  4. Utility bill in support of the registered office.

The E-Form is required to be digitally signed by the Proposed Director and a professional (Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary/ Cost Accountant/ Advocate)

We hope you were able to understand the basic details about SPICe E-form. if you wish to incorporate a company you can check the service page from Provenience for registration of a company.

The sample of the Spice:






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