RUN Form (Reserve Unique Name) – Apply for Company Name

RUN is an online form available on the MCA portal for name reservation which may get approved or rejected by the Central Registration(CRC) after a comprehensive check under Non-STP mode. Here Non-STP is those forms that are not approved automatically after filing. They are verified by MCA officers and then disposed of accordingly.

The steps to apply name under the RUN form:

Login with credentials on portal www.mca.gov.in → select option new request and fill the details such as entity type, a proposed name with the significance of each name and submit the form after making payment of Rs. 1000/- → The application may get accepted or rejected by CRC after a comprehensive check under Non-STP mode→ If the application is approved the name approval letter with a time period of 20 days as the validity of name is issued and sent on applicants mail id or if the application is sent for resubmission the mail with a query is sent to the applicant to submit the form with new names within 15 days.

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