Proprietorship Registration

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Sole Proprietorship concern is an entity that can be started by an individual who is a citizen of India holding a valid PAN. It is a business ownership structure for individuals who want to work, manage, control and direct the organization independently. Sole Proprietorship registration does not require any separate formalities and hence can be formed quickly and easily. The proprietorship firm registration is predominantly used by micro and small businesses operating in the unorganised sectors.

This form of business entity registration enables quick and easy business decision making because a single person makes all the decisions. The Income tax charged on the profit of the proprietorship firm is as per the Individual tax rate since the proprietorship concern and the individual are considered as one as per Income tax. Notably, the proprietor is liable for all the liabilities of the business. Registration of proprietorship firm is suitable for unorganised and small businesses. Proprietorship is beneficial to a certain level of profits if you are expecting profits or income beyond that limit you can opt for LLP or Private Limited Company Registrations.

FEATURES of Sole Proprietorship Registration

Light on compliances

The Government of India has not laid down specific laws governing the formation of sole proprietorships. As a result, with sole proprietorship registrations, there are minimal legal compliances that you will have to follow. The extent of compliance could be limited to the filing of GST and Income Tax returns.

Easy formation

The sole proprietorship registration can be completed easily due to hassle-free and lesser legal compliances when compared to other corporate entity forms viz Company or an LLP. With a minimum document requirement, the registration can be completed as soon as 15 days.

Quick decision

Since a single person runs the business, decisions can be taken quickly without the involvement of any other individuals. These ease of taking decisions is preferred by new businesses as it allows them to grow quickly.

Tax Liability

Since the proprietor and the Sole Proprietorship firm are one and the same, the taxes charged on the proprietorship firm are as per Individual Tax rate slab.


    • A person should be an Indian citizen
    • An Individual should have a valid PAN card
    • PAN card of the Individual

Whats the Process

  • 1
    Ascertaining Registration

    To register a sole proprietorship, registration needs to be ascertained viz GST, MSME, etc.

  • 2
    Filling of Documents

    Applicable documents for the registration to be filled, check specific registration for details.

  • 3
    Responding Queries

    In case there are departmental queries on the filled registration, the same are responded appropriately.

  • 4
    Certificate of Registration

    Once the registration is approved, the Certificate can then be downloaded from the website.

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  • GST Registration for a Single Entity



  • GST Registration +MSME Registration



  • GST Registration +MSME Registration +1 Trademark application for one class (Excluding Govt Fees and GST)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Proprietorship business can be started by any Indian citizen holding a valid PAN card.

Government of India has no rules and regulations for sole proprietorship registration. You will need a PAN card, one ID proof, and utility bills in the name of the owner.

As per RBI guidelines, to open a current bank account, the bank will require at least two forms of registration which could be GST registration, MSME registration, Shops & Establishments Act Registration.

Only One person can start a sole proprietorship.

The owner is personally liable for the business. It will not be a separate legal entity and the assets as well as liabilities of the proprietor and the proprietorship will be the same.

This is entirely based upon the type of registration, for example, GST is state-specific; however, PAN is allotted once to an individual.

No, sole proprietorship registration is only for Indian residents.

Yes, there are provision to do so. You can get in touch with us to know more details about the procedure.

No, in standard cases, you will not be required to visit any government office.