Application for LLP Name

For any new business, the name of the organization is the first thing that catches the customer’s attention. It conveys a lot about the business and its objectives. A unique and catchy name is easy to recall too. An LLP name is the legal title of an LLP. This name features in the incorporation certificate of the LLP. This certificate carries the LLP name, date of incorporation, and also the place of its origin. Today, we will share some important points regarding applying for an LLP name.

Application for LLP Name

Keep these points in mind when you choose an LLP name

Here are some key points to keep in mind before selecting an LLP name:

  • The name should not feature on the list of names that the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 prohibit.
  • The proposed name should not contain any offensive words against any section of people.
  • It should not include words such as Co-operative, Sahakari or any word equivalent to Co-operative in the regional language of the country.
  • The name should not use words like National, Union, Central, Federal, Republic, President, Rashtrapati, etc. that give an interpretation of participation or patronage of Central or State Government.
  • The word ‘British India’ must not form part of the proposed name.
  • The proposed name must not give an interpretation of connection with an embassy or consulate or foreign government.
  • The selected words of the name must not be vague and possess some significant meaning.
  • The use of words such as ‘Bank’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Venture Capital’, ‘Banking’ or any similar words requires the approval of the regulatory authority.
  • The name should not create a misleading impression at the time of disposal regarding its scope or scale of activities beyond its resources.
  • You can use any professional term such as Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant only with prior approval from the authority governing the respective profession.


  • You must ensure that the proposed name is not an exact Hindi or English translation of the existing LLP.
  • The proposed LLP name cannot have a close phonetics resemblance with the name of the existing LLP.
  • A registered trademark must not form part of the name. Also, if you want to use it, then you must seek approval from the owner of the trademark.
  • You must ensure that the proposed name is not identical or nearly resembling with the name of the firm or Company or LLP incorporated outside India and the reservation for which is done with the registrar.
  • The selected name cannot only differ on the ground that the name of any place is added in the bracket.
  • Finally, you must avoid using terms like French, German, etc. unless you can prove that there is some connection or collaboration with the foreigners of the country whose name is being included.

Some quick pre-checks before applying

  1. You can check the availability of the proposed name at the MCA portal under the RUN LLP option.

However, remember that this is just a primary check. The Central Registration Centre (CRC) runs the final check under the Non-STP mode. You receive an email with the approval or rejection after the CRC comprehensively checks the availability of the name.

Non-STP are those forms that are not approved automatically after filing. The MCA officers verify them and dispose of accordingly.

Basic Process for applying for an LLP Name

You can submit the application through two processes:

  1. Through RUN LLP Form
  2. Through FiLLiP Form

Here is a quick comparison between the two processes:

S.NoNature of ComparisonRUN LLP FormFiLLiP Form
1Documentation InvolvedDocumentation for incorporation starts after name approval.Application for incorporation with the proposed name is made in form FiLLiP along with all the required documents in this regard and once the application is approved the LLP is incorporated and no further documentation is done thereafter.
2Name application FeesRs. 200 is required to be paid separatelyNo separate fees are required to be paid
3Attempt for resubmissionOne attempt/resubmissionTwo attempts/resubmission
4How many names can you propose?Four Names (Three names (One name each time)

Two names each time)

Summing Up

Ensure that you keep these key points in mind while applying for an LLP name. If you already have a registered name, then you can avail our services for an LLP name change. We also hope that the article helps you with your application process. In case of any doubts or queries, please feel free to drop us a line.

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