Documents required for partnership registration in India

Partnership registration is simple since there are no complex compliances like in company registration. It is important to note that partnership registration is not mandatory and the partners can decide if they want to register their partnership or not. Registration allows the firm to avail of certain legal benefits that are not available to unregistered firms. In this article, we will share the list of documents needed for partnership registration.

partnership registration

Partnership Registration – documents required

Here is the list:

Partnership Deed

The most important document for a partnership firm. While verbal partnership agreements are also permitted, a written deed helps avoid any misunderstandings in the future. You need to create a partnership deed on a judicial stamp paper. Stamp Duty varies from state to state. All partners are required to sign the deed which has the rights and duties of the partners.

Documents needed from individual partners

Every partner needs to provide the following documents as identity and address proof:

  • PAN Card as proof of identity
  • One of the following documents as proof of address provided the name and other details match those on the PAN Card:
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Passport
    • Voters ID Card
    • Driving License

Documents of the Firm for Partnership Registration

Apart from the partners’ documents and partnership deed, the firm needs the following documents too:

  • Firm’s Address Proof – The partners need to submit one of the following documents as proof of address:
    • If the place is rented
      • Rent agreement AND
      • One utility bill AND
      • No Objection Certificate from the landlord
    • If the place is owned
      • Utility bill mentioning the name of the owner
      • No Objection Certificate from the owner

Additional Documents for Partnership Registration

Along with the documents mentioned above, the firm also needs to submit an affidavit. This is to certify the correctness of all the details that you specify on the form and the documents you submit.

GST Registration

If the partners want to register the firm for GST, then they need to submit the PAN of the firm along with the identity and address proof of the partners. Further, the authorized signatory needs to sign the application using a DSC.

A quick look at the partnership registration process:

The partnership registration is a simple process as explained below:

  • Submit an application form to the Registrar of Firms with details like the name of the firm, names and addresses of all partners, the date on which the business commenced, address of the office for communication, duration of the partnership, and the date on which each partner joined.
  • Attach the documents mentioned above
  • Pay the prescribed fees

On successful verification, the Registrar confirms the registration.

Summing Up

We hope that this article offered enough information regarding the documents required for partnership registration. Remember, registering your partnership firm can offer several benefits. Register your partnership firm today!

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